About Bayside Design Inc.

Our Mission
Bayside Design Inc (BDI) was founded in 2002 to provide the most comprehensive high-speed engineering design, modeling, analysis, measurement, characterization and verification services and solutions.

Company Highlights
BDI is a leading supplier focused on providing High Speed Design and Verification Services and Solutions. BDI was formed by ex-Velio Communications Inc (product team sold to LSI Logic, Inc and the IO team to RAMBUS), founding engineers with collective working experience of over 150+. We have over 100 leading edge customers comprising of Silicon Vendors, Fabless Semiconductor Companies, Fortune 500 companies and many Startup companies. We have executed over 150 projects and all of them have been first pass success and we can provide you with our customer successes and references under NDA. We are utilizing our knowledge and expertise to develop unique IP and products which enables us to provide comprehensive verification services and solutions.

The Market
The majority of the customers we serve are leading IP providers or leading edge technology companies in Compute, Storage, Communication, RF and Consumer markets. In each of these markets companies are adapting the newer standards based on Multi Giga Hertz (MGHz) serial interfaces, higher speed parallel interfaces such as DDRII & DDRIII and WiMAX. Convergence of products in these markets demand greater level of integration, which in turn is forcing companies towards smaller geometries and coupled this with higher performance and lower power requirements is causing tremendous Signal Integrity (SI) and verification challenges. So to protect their millions of dollars of investment and to manage the risk and schedules these companies are partnering with companies like BDI for their design and verification needs. The overall market is quite large and is growing as companies migrate to 45nm and smaller geometries.

Services Summary
We offer a number of engineering design services and they are listed below:

  • Signal Integrity and Power Integrity services for IC packages and Board designs
  • BGA package selection, design, modeling and analysis starting right from pad placement allocation/tradeoff for optimum P/G to Signal assignment, to stack-up analysis and routing strategy to de-coupling planning and all the way to package sign-off.
  • WiMAX package design, modeling and analysis to accommodate the emerging convergence of GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and Mobile TV.
  • Reference Board & load board design: This includes schematic capture, layout, signal and power integrity analysis. We also provide board fab, source the parts and assemble the board. We will verify the impedances and also power-on the board to see that everything is ready to go.
  • We have an advanced state of the art measurement lab. We offer a variety of Microwave modeling/measurement/characterization and High Speed Serial IO characterization services.
  • Complete system level simulation support for channel analysis (from TX to RX, encompassing the entire link with all components) for pre and post scenarios.
  • Modeling- We can create accurate IBIS models as well as advanced behavior models which can run 10 to 100 times faster then transistor based models within 5% accuracy. In addition we can develop variety of package models ranging from distributed lumped to hybrid to high performance broadband S-parameter models.
  • Design Kit services to develop advanced behavior models, encrypted models, deriving design rules for board level device implementation and documentation. This is very useful to jumpstart your customers so that they can focus on getting the product to volume production.
  • In addition we also develop interface compliance kits for back-end interoperability, compliance verification and also provide custom SW solutions.

Business Model
We offer a very flexible business engagement model and we work either on a project basis or on hourly basis. Our experienced team will work very closely with your team to provide expertise for the above-mentioned services to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition, we will leverage our relationships with package assembly/substrate vendors and leading edge board manufacturers as well as assembly vendors to deliver the best solution and the lowest possible cost.